Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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I am sure many of you read David Nicholls „One Day“ and since today I am one of you!

I bought this book in August while I was in London but I haven’t started reading it until about a month ago. Right now I have difficulties with sticking to a book and I tend to drift in and out of reading it. “One Day” took me nearly a month to finish which is untypical for me. Normally I read 400 pages in less than a week if university is not that stressful (which it isn’t right now).

What really bothers me is that I am just not sure what to think about the book. The way it is written really appealed to me. I loved to be part of Dexter and Emma’s story. The book covers around 20 years of their lives if they are together or not. You take part in their lives on July 15th each year which was the day after they graduated from college. You really experience their personal growth and problems they faced during this year and emotion is really well transported via the writing. Just a wonderful way of participating in the protagonists lives. The story is great as well. Okay, maybe Dex is a bit of a looser sometimes. I often wished that he gets his act together and starts his life and the same would apply to Emma during the first years after graduation. But hey, who am I to judge!

The bit that left me feeling unsure about the book is definitely the ending! I mean, how? why? what was he thinking? I know, I know it is not this picture perfect ending but I read it on public transport today and it almost made me cry. It simply was not the ending I expected. I left me kind of sad and unsatisfied. 

In Austria the film will be in cinemas from Friday on and I am not sure if I want to see it. I love Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess looks just gorgeous. I hope I’ll find someone who wants to see the film and then I will definitely watch it because I am so interested how and if they manage to film 20 years in two people’s lives with the same actors.
By the way, here is the trailer:

Have you read “One Day” or seen the movie already? What do you think about the books? Have you experienced the same or are you super happy about the way the story turned out? How is the movie? Is it worth seeing?  

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