Wednesday, November 23, 2011

... in books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by TheBroke and Bookish.

It is Thanksgiving on Thursday and this weeks question fits perfectly.
Top Ten Authors I'd Love To Have At My Thanksgiving Feast

  • Terry Pratchett
because I love his Discworld series and I am sure he is a wonderful guest. I would love to chat with him and I am really interested if he has this typical British humor or not. 

  • Maureen Johnson
because her books are wonderful, her tweets are hilarious and I am sure she would be real fun at the party. 

  • Janet Evanovich
because I would love to meet her. Her Stephanie Plum novels are the best books ever (okay, my list of best books ever is kind of long and adapted once in a while) and I would love to chat with her about books she likes, her inspiration for her novels, if she has any role model for Stephanie, Joe and Ranger, etc. 

  • Gervase Phinn
he is the author of the Dales novels. These novels tell his life as a school inspector in the Yorkshire Dales and I am a fan of people writing about school life and life as a teacher, their experiences with teachers and kids. I would love to talk to him about his experiences and I am curious if he is a nice as I imagine him. 

  • Kerstin Gier
because she writes awesome novels. Rubyred and Saphireblue were amazing and all her German books I read were so funny. I think she is a wonderful person, friendly, heartwarming and so funny. I would also like to tell her how much I love her books. 

  • Cornelia Funke
because her Inkheart series is absolutely wonderful. It is the perfect series for bookaholics (especially the first novel). She seems like an amazing author and I think that she, Kerstin Gier, Janet Evanovich and Maureen Johnson would be a real awesome quartet.  

  • Ali McNamara
have you read “From Notting Hill with Love … Actually”? Wonderful book and a must-read for all fans of films and/or London. Brilliant book. I am so looking forward to reading her new novel “Breakfast at Darcy’s” which should be here any day now. I would love to chat with her.

  • Sophie Kinsella
because she fits so perfectly into my little imaginary feast. Her books are just awesome (again this word – but there is non that describes these amazing books better) and she must be awesome too. I love “Twenties Girl” and all her “Shopaholic” novels. 

  • William Shakespeare
because I would love to know who is the REAL William Shakespeare. I love discussing about who was the REAL William and I am so looking forward watching “Anonymous” in cinema – hopefully this week. If he would join my feast I would be the only one who knows who the REAL William Shakespeare is. Well, me and nine other authors. 

  • Jane Austen
because she was an amazing woman and author. She was ahead of her time and I would love to chat with her and see how she fits into today’s world.

So, these are my top ten authors but I am sure there are millions more that I would love to meet. Maybe I’ll invite them to my Christmas Dinner this year.


  1. Nice list - I've seen Maureen Johnson mentioned a few times, I'll have to check out her stuff!

  2. Jane Austen is on my list too check it out
    PS I love your Gilmore Girls pic in your header