Saturday, November 26, 2011

... in color

As I told you guys yesterday, my week was really crazy. I was away most of the day from Monday till Friday even though my lecture on Monday got cancelled. I went to university and then I spent a lot of time working as a tutor. 

In Austria I know two possible ways of tutoring kids. The first one is that the kid comes to your house or you go to their house and help them with their studies. This is the version where you are able to gain more money because you don’t have to share it with the owners of a tutoring institute. Working at an institute is the second option. This is what I do. I go there as often as needed and there I am provided with a room to tutor the kid, learning materials, a Xerox and coffee machine, my boss arranges the lessons for me and I don’t have to open my apartment to other people. The disadvantage is that I need to go there and that takes me up to 45 minutes and that I don’t earn a lot of money; which is fine by me because I don’t need to earn my living expenses. 

I hope I am a good tutor but I usually am able to help my students and I am one of those who like to prepare texts and grammar exercises at home so that I just need to copy them at the institute and am ready to start working.

But when I am rushing around for a week it sometimes gets messy at my desk. This week was a really messy week. I tend to change bags very often. Not because I think that a bag should fit with the whole outfit, no, I change bags al lot because I am carrying a lot around with me and when I am working I carry much more than usually. This week I often went to university in the morning and then directly to work which meant that I had to bring all my stuff with me that I needed for the day. Apart from all the books I needed at university and the texts and exercises I needed at work I always carried a book, my planner, gloves (it is so freaking cold here), material I needed to study, my MP3-player and tons of other, mostly useless, things around with me.
So when I came home I was so exhausted that I either went to sleep, slumped down on the couch and did not move until it was time for bed or sat in front of my laptop and browsed the internet until it was time to go to sleep.
The next day I got up, got ready for university or sat down to plan my lessons for that day and before leaving the apartment I dumped all my stuff I carried around with me yesterday onto my bed and put the new stuff in my bag. In the evening I put the stuff from my bed onto my desk and left it there. The next morning I pushed all the crap to one side of the desk, sat down, planned my lessons, dumped the content of my bag on my bed, etc.
You get the picture, right?

So that is why my desk looked like this yesterday evening:

Crazy, isn’t it? Well, I will hopefully find the time to clean it up today, after work, so that I will be able to study there this afternoon because I really need to.
If you look carefully there are some things you will always find on my desk and these are books and chocolate. 
I got the chocolate from my mum yesterday (yummy, truffels) and the books are there for my weekly “In My Mailbox” that is hosted by Kristie from “The Story Siren” each Sunday.

So, tomorrow I will tell you what awesome books I got this week and for now I will stop rambling on about my full week, go to work and in the afternoon I will hopefully start cleaning my desk.

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