Saturday, August 6, 2011

... in films

Today I want to share some really good links with you.

The first article is from the blog “The Broke and the Bookish” and is about differentways of reading books. The author of this post is Julia and she talks about the fun of rereading a book. During rereading Philip Pullmann’s “His Dark Material” series she discovers the different approach to reading between her and her sister. She said something that in my opinion really sums it up. She said that her sister savors a book like good wine while she devours a book like cake. That is why she can read a book more than once.
I am so like Julia. I can and I do reread a good book with joy. I love visiting the characters again and to relive the moment when I first read it. It always brings back good memories.

The second blog I can really recommend is “The Perpetual Page-turner” by Jamie. She writes wonderful and funny posts and entertains me so often because I can often identify myself with her entries. I want to share her super funny “I think Amazon is spying on me….” post with you. I feel like a member of her “Big Ass Purse club” – which I think is a super idea. My purses are so big that my friends often laugh about me and my luggage. Well actually, because I live in Austria, they call it “Reiseschwein” which can freely be translated as a travel pig. This is a quote from an Austria children book “Gretchen Sackmeier” by Christine Nöstlinger in which the main character goes on a trip with the neighbors’ boy and his mother packed so much into his bags that they are as big as fat pigs.

And because I think they are hilarious and sooooooooooo funny … the recent Kindle ads.