Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 8: Sunshine

This winter was a really good one for us here in Vienna. It can easily happen that we have fog almost every day between October and March but this year we had so many sunny days that my lack of motivation can not be blamed on the lack of sun (damn it!). 

I wanted to try to capture sunshine during winter like I usually see it. This was kind of a hard task during a rather sunny and warmish week but one day while drinking my coffee the right conditions appeared. So I sprinted to get my camera, stumbled onto the balcony while sending a quick prayer that I won't fall on my camera and crash it (I was rather clumsy during the week) and was able to capture the sunshine. 

Next week I'm on the hunt for the perfect shot capturing 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 7: Sleep

I am one of those people who needs quite a lot of sleep to feel human so having a comfy bed is key to me. 

Here's the view I get every evening before turning off the lights - my stuffed tiger which I got from my mum at the end of school when I was probably 14 and the book I'm currently reading. I don't have a nightstand so my alarm clock is on a board of the bookshelf next to my bed and reaching around the outside of the shelf each night to put my book away turned out to be prone for knocking everything on the board to the floor so I decided to keep my book in bed with me. Makes going to sleep easier and so much quieter. :)

Week 7's prompt is:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Week 6: Something That Makes Me Happy

Something that makes me happy - what an easy theme, right? 

There were so many things to pick from: a collage of pictures from London, my bookshelf, a video I made at the ocean while in Portugal this summer, my huge pile of colored pens, ...
I think you can see my problem but the first thing that came to my mind was color, organization and sticky-notes.

So here it is:
a small part of my colorful collection of sticky-notes I love using while planning

And while I was moving little knick-knacks to clear the perfect place for my photo, I realized that this little sign by Britto that is right next to my desk makes me smile every time I look at it (which is a lot because it's right in front of my Winnie-the-Pooh alarm clock which I got from my friends for my 13th birthday).

Week 7's prompt is:

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week 5: Red

This week has been a bit slow blog-wise because I had so much to do. It was officially winter break in Vienna and my birthday so I celebrated a bit, went out with some friends, had one student to tutor and did some other fun things but from tomorrow afternoon on (Today is Superbowl Sunday and two of my friends are celebrating their 30th birthday before watching the game. So tomorrow morning calls for some much needed sleep.) it's back to normal.

This week we had to take a photo capturing "Red" and this is what caught my eye at a playground:
It's part of a supercool slide at a playground near university where I spent some time with my good friend Judith and her two boys this week.

For week 6 I would love to see your creations for the following prompt:
Something that makes me happy

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 4: Memories

Some topics you need to interpret a little bit. 
In my case it has to do with this photograph:
I cannot remeber this specific situation this picture was taken but one of my fondest memories from childhood is when my parents read to me. I remember weekends spent reading Berenstain Bears books, The Monster at the End of the Book, Big Bird brings Spring to Sesame Street and many many others. Most of the time they read to me but from time to time I "read" to them. I tended to remember books and knew exactly when to turn the page so I was able to "read" my favorite books before being able to really read.

So as you can see, I always had a love for books and reading and early memories of mum and dad reading to me for hours and hours. Thanks guys btw!

Next week I would love to see your creations for:

The Big Three O

Today is my birthday! 
My 30th birthday! 
Happy Birthday to me!

Damn it, I'm 30! Sorry, but life wasn't planned that way. I never agreed to being thirty and still at uni, tutoring and not teaching at school, being single and everything else life threw my way over the last few years! No! That's not how I imagined it!


I am happy! I have a great life - well, obviously not the dream life 10 year old me imagined - but I have an amazing family, great friends (some for 20 or even 25 years), the best parents ever, a career goal, a job I really like, the best and most loyal dog a girl could wish for, ...

I learned a lot over my 30 years of existence - talking, walking, writing, reading (Thank God), arguing, forgiving, concentrating, test taking, playing an instrument, forgetting how to play an instrument - best of all I learned to let go - of so-called friends, of friends who just went another way, of negative thoughts, of prejudices, of a self-image that's no longer true, of hoping that the world evolves around me (yes, I realized that this won't happen)...

I am living a fabulous life and I achieved so much over the last years that I can be so proud of myself - so proud!

So let's raise a glass: "To many more incredible years to come with old and new friends, many more books and a loving family by my side!"