Friday, March 4, 2016

A Love Letter

Dear Jan,

it's March 4th, 2016 - your 4th birthday! 

Happy Birthday to you!

Over the last four years I had the priviledge that your mum and dad loved and trusted me enough to let me be a big part of your life and I enjoyed every second. For writing this post I sorted through four years of pictures I've taken from you and I can tell you; there were so many!

I first saw you when Eva and I visited you and your mum in the hospital a few days after you were born. You were so tiny. I immediately fell in love with you.

After that we saw each other regularly. While your parents were in lectures we cruised around campus - you usually sleeping in your stroller. When you were older we had some great conversations while walking around. You were looking at the clouds over your head while I was telling you about life, struggles I was facing, the colors of the rainbow, unicorns ... so basically everything important.

We visited the zoo to look at the tigers, spent so much time at the playground that it's now named after me, learned to walk over bridges (the little one on the playground), learned how not to freak out on the swing, you decided to call me Eva instead of Karin (thanks for that buddy) and we spent hours sitting on a bench facing the busy street right around the corner from university watching cars - especially ambulances and police cars.

Now you are in kindergarden and a big brother. Now we go on different adventures. You taught be how to be really patient, how to learn to understand a child's language, that kids are way more sturdy than adults think (no Judith, relax I never dropped him). I discovered that it is okay to let a kid stay up late while you are babysitting, especially when he has such cool parents.

I can finally go to Toys'R'Us again and buy all the Lego and stuffed animals I want without feeling ridiculous. Playing with Legos for hours is one of your favorite past-times nowadays and even though I hate board games, I am playing them with you because everything is fun with you and I don't want to disapoint my baby boy.

And at your parents' wedding you were the only guy I wanted to dance with. And we did - at three in the morning (because everything was too exciting for you to sleep).


Now you are 4 years old, in kindergarden, an adorable big brother (you'll cringe about this when you're old, I know), talk like a grown-up and are the best kid I know. We still share a special bond and I am happy that we do. A huge thank you to your parents that they made this possible for us.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


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  1. This is the most touching love letter I've ever read