Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ich Hätt Sogern Noch Tschüss Gesagt

I am not a fan of German lyrics even though German is my native language. So I mainly listen to songs with English lyrics which also means mainly to English bands, singers, songwriters...


(there's always a "but", right?) there are two or three exceptions and one of them is
Roger Cicero. I know that not many of you will know him but sadly he passed away last week as was announced today.

He was an extraordinary singer and songwriter with deep and meaningful and often also entertaining lyrics and he was an amazing singer. He was a musician with all his heart and soul. I am shocked by his death since he was only 45 years old, in good health and on his way to start his new tour but sadly someone had other plans for him.

I will miss him and all the potential songs he would have written in the future. I am a bit lost for words but wanted to at least mention how much I loved and respected this great German musician and for all of you interested, here are some of my favorite songs by Roger.

Zieh' die Schuh aus
losely translated as: Take off your shoes
Frauen regieren die Welt 
losely translated as: Women rule the world

In diesem Moment
losely translated as: In this moment or Right now

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