Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Gramps!

Today would have been my grandpa's 80th birthday.
Sadly he passes away almost 5 years ago and left a huge hole in mine, my mum's and my grandma's lives.

I cannot remember a time when he wouldn't film. At special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas, he would always have his video camera ready. Coming into their living room on the 26th of December the first thing you saw, was the red camera light next to the tree. It was so annoying most of the time but it captured so many memories and I am thankful for that (not that I have watched any of these videos since he died because I cannot bare the thought of hearing his voice).

Apart from being the first vlogger, he was also a caring dad and grandpa. My mum's stories about adventures they went on and events the went to are amazing and fun to listem to. I went on many trips with them as well and will always cherish the little things.
He would spent hours in the pool with me even though my lips were already blue and my grandma wanted us out of the water but we didn't come out. Having three or four ice cream cones a day when on vacation was something that happened regularly and not getting a toy I really really wanted was not on his agenda. I was his only grandchild and it always felt like making me happy was his sole purpose in life.

My gramps favorite story was of me when I was little (we're talking two, three max) and I was walking through HUGE piles of fallen leaves in the gardens of Schönbrunn Castle and was mumbling "So many leaves!". Yes, he got it on camera (of course) but each year when fall came 'round he would tell this story and the whole family knew what season it was.

Okay, since I made it this far without crying hysterically (which I'm so proud of) I will end this post now.

Happy Birthday Grandpa and take care!

Sorry for any typos but I just couldn't reread it. Some part of me is still a bit in denial and doesn't want to think too much about him not being with us anymore but it felt right honoring his birthday and telling you all about him.