Sunday, July 31, 2011

... in Australia

I am back again!

It was such a wonderful vacation!
I saw soooooo much!
Western Australia is just awsome!

a Humpback Wale

We stayed in Perth for one week (which brought me eleven new books) and then drove around the state.
We took the coast road up North till Coral Bay and then saw parts of the outback while driving back South on the inland route. It was really amazing!

I also just finished 5 books and started 4 others (some were just not right at that moment) which is not a lot in three weeks with a lot of time for reading on my hands. You can see which books I read in the right hand column under the headline "Read in July ...".

a dolphin in Monkey Mia

I am at home now for one more week and then I will fly to London for a week - a mix of vacation and work. Hopefully my siutcase will not be that heavy when I fly over there so I can pay a lot of visits to Waterstone's and shop for books, which I am looking forward to each year.