Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 12: Mark

I am so sorry guys but somehow last week taking and posting a picture completely slipped my mind. I will make up for it someday soon but for now let's keep rolling with week 12 and the topic Mark.

As a reader and collector I immediately thought of bookmarks.

As a student and stationary addict I immediately thought of markers.

As a daughter I immediately thought of my mum - the person who left the biggest mark on me, my life, my personality, ...

Thank you mum for always being there for me. 
For being my best friend, my travelling buddy, the person I can tell everything to, someone who will always give me her honest opinion (even if it hurts), my rock, my inspiration. 

Next week I will try not to post something as sappy as this week again but it will be around the topic

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