Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 10: Food

This week's topic was food and I personally find it really hard to take a good picture of food. I rarely like photos I have taken and am usually critical about food pics by others as well. It's just so hard to capture it in a way that conveys how tasty it is that does look visually pleasing but I tried and am not unhappy with the result. 

Austria has a big tradition of serving Sunday roast (called Sonntagsbraten in German) which usually is either pork - as in this photo - or beef with some sort of cabbage - red or white, served warm or cold - or other vegetables and a dumpling. You have a huge selection of dumplings here - bread dumplings, potatoe dumplings, semolina dumling, ...

Guess who would have liked to taste it too:

No way, honey! It was too good to share.


Next week's topic is specific to my hometown. I would like to see pictures capturing 

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