Monday, February 1, 2016

The Big Three O

Today is my birthday! 
My 30th birthday! 
Happy Birthday to me!

Damn it, I'm 30! Sorry, but life wasn't planned that way. I never agreed to being thirty and still at uni, tutoring and not teaching at school, being single and everything else life threw my way over the last few years! No! That's not how I imagined it!


I am happy! I have a great life - well, obviously not the dream life 10 year old me imagined - but I have an amazing family, great friends (some for 20 or even 25 years), the best parents ever, a career goal, a job I really like, the best and most loyal dog a girl could wish for, ...

I learned a lot over my 30 years of existence - talking, walking, writing, reading (Thank God), arguing, forgiving, concentrating, test taking, playing an instrument, forgetting how to play an instrument - best of all I learned to let go - of so-called friends, of friends who just went another way, of negative thoughts, of prejudices, of a self-image that's no longer true, of hoping that the world evolves around me (yes, I realized that this won't happen)...

I am living a fabulous life and I achieved so much over the last years that I can be so proud of myself - so proud!

So let's raise a glass: "To many more incredible years to come with old and new friends, many more books and a loving family by my side!"

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