Friday, November 11, 2011

... in color

When I was a kid (about 2 years old) my dad was in the states for a longer period at the university of North Carolina and my mum and I visited him in North Carolina. That is why we have many friends in the US and also why I started talking English quite early. Perfect in school – I never had any grammar mistakes in my texts because I justwrote texts that sounded right to me. It only got a major problem at university because there I needed to know the grammar by heart and studying grammar is really hard! 

Being in North Carolina and the US regularly as a kid had so many advantages for me. I grew up with tapes from Sesame Street, a stuffed Big Bird, the Berenstain Bears series, which I knew by heart and still love. 
But I think nothing left such a mark on me as the Sesame Street. In summer 2005, one year after my high school graduation, I travelled to Berlin, Germany with a friend and bought myself a stuffed Elmo. The first thing I did in Australia this summer was that I bought an Elmo cup for my coffee. Last year I bought a book about the Sesame Street in a bookstore in Prague. I am still not sure if the sales clerk really wanted to sell it to me but I would never ever left this shop without it. I also have two DVD boxes with some old episodes at home, for years I had the theme melody as a ringtone on my phone and I love watching old songs I listened to as I kid on youtube. 

As you can see I am a Sesame Street Junkie and I am so sorry for everyone who grew up with the German version of it because it so much worse than the original.

Today I found this cartoon and I need to share this with you because it is so hilarious. 

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