Thursday, November 10, 2011

... in pictures

In the next few weeks I have five exams at university. So I need to study a lot in the next weeks. Yesterday I spent some hours between class and work at the coffee shop in my favorite book store. I don’t know if it is really true but I had the feeling that I was able to study a lot better between all the books.

Yesterday's lunch - coffee and bacon and egg tortilla
When I am at home studying, writing my blog posts or reading a pot full of tea is on my desk
During the last weeks fall fell over Vienna. Right now I think we are already on the edge of winter. All the leaves fell on the ground, Christmas lights are up on the streets, Starbucks' winter coffee series is available, chocolate Santa Clauses and Christmas cookies are in stock in all major shops and the major Christmas markets will open this weekend.

But right now I want to share some fall impressions with you. 


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