Sunday, November 6, 2011

... in color

Shortly after midnight on a Saturday night and I can’t sleep! Haunted by insomnia!
But the really pathetic thing is that I stayed at home tonight. 25 years old and at home on a Saturday night.

So, I can’t sleep right now and what better thing to do than blog about it …

I thought about different things to do right now while lying in the dark and I came up with these options:
  • rearranging my bookshelf – could be a bit disturbing in the middle of the night. I would need a ladder and what would happen if I accidentally drop a book? So, not the best idea so far!
  • watching a movie – good idea BUT no good movie on TV and no DVD that appealed to me.
  • lying in the dark, wondering why I can’t sleep, why my sleep rhythm is totally out of control, listening to clocks ticking?
  • clean? NO WAY!
  • read a book? Good idea! Which book? I actually finished mine yesterday evening and I spent the whole Saturday at my grandma’s birthday party (bit boring but I couldn’t sit there and read) so I would need a new book to start and I cannot decide which one right now…I mean, people please, it’s after midnight!
  • blogging! Good idea! Bore people with my insomnia and ramble on and on about it and about all the different options how to spend my time in a useful way.
As you can read I took the last option, rambled on and on about my inability to sleep and bored you all to death (?)! Okay, hopefully not!

So far so good but I still cannot sleep…maybe I should look for a book to read because I am running out of things to write…

Oh, by the way, if (and hopefully you do) you like my blog and are writing one yourself (either in English or German) and if you want to exchange links I would be happy about it. Just leave me a message in the comment section or write me an e-mail!

Now, I will look for a good book (any recommendations?) and will hopefully fall asleep eventually….so good night everyone and thanks for stopping by! 

Oh, by the way, does anyone know how to cure insomnia or do you have a special trick to fall asleep – a really boring book maybe (so like the encyclopedia on mealworms? no offense biology freaks)?

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