Friday, October 28, 2011

... in color

My life in color is dedicated to random stuff and information or just me rambling on about life! So everything that I think does not fit into on of the other categories will be posted under the label "... in color".

Life’s a bit crazy around here! This last week was full of things to do. I had the feeling that I spent most of my time on public transport. From Monday on we had high fog here in Vienna and it hasn’t cleared yet – I hate hate hate it! I am so freaking tired all the time. I love living in the city but on days like these I would love to move somewhere sunny and warm. I envy all people in Australia and my family in New Zealand right now – they have summer there!

Tuesday is my long day at university – I only have two courses but on is in the morning and one in the evening so I have a long break in between which I normally spend with a good friend at her flat but this week I met a friend who is currently in Portugal and visited us this last week, afterwards I went to my friend’s flat, left it again to go to work for an hour (I am an English tutor), went back to the flat again, bought coffee on the way, picked up my friend and we went on public transport again (the 5th time for me that day) and drove to university again. When I came home I was exhausted!

On Wednesday we had a national holiday here in Austria. I know that sounds super but friends of mine move that day and we helped them. We were about 15 people and we were so quick - I really have amazing friends - but my best friend and I stayed longer to help them rebuild a closet and a huge desk. The flat is beautiful. I am really looking forward to their home warming party.

Yesterday I met some people from university to write a paper, then went to work for an hour and afterwards I met my best friend for coffee. This was the perfect ending for that day.

I normally read a lot on public transport but not this week. I am not fully into reading mood right now. Maybe I am not reading the right books.   
Do you know that feeling? 
There are just some books that aren’t right for your current mood.

Hopefully the weekend will be quieter and I will find my motivation to read again. Until then I will leave you with the following quote by Paul Sweeney:


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