Sunday, October 16, 2011

... in books

Hello again!

I just wrote my first entry today and then I started my daily blog round and look what I found:

It is Jamie’s birthday today. She is the author of the wonderful blog 
The PerpetualPageturner”. Really have to take a look if you don’t know this blog – my daily must read!

Because it is her birthday today she started an international giveaway. Yeah! I always envied US citizens because they were able to participate in Jamie’s giveaways which are mostly US only. But today we all have a chance of winning. 

You just have to answer this question for her:  
If you could pick ONE author to crash your birthday party...who would you pick?

I think this is a wonderful question. Reading all the other comments was so nice because I loved reading about all the different authors people would pick. 

I picked Terry Pratchett because I really really love his Discworld series. I think it is one of the best series ever written – sorry to all the other authors but you are great too. I am just not sure if he really is a party crasher but anyways – I would certainly pick him.

I hope you will all visit Jamie’s blog (preferably regularly because her reviews are really good and her videos just hilarious) and maybe even participate in her giveaway.

So I will end this post with a warm Happy Birthday from Vienna to Jamie in the States!
Enjoy your day!

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