Monday, October 17, 2011

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It is autumn in Vienna!

In the morning it is horribly cold (around 1° Celsius), during the day we have wonderful fall days with cloudless blue sky – has any of you recognized that fall skies have a specific blue you never see during the rest of the year? – and in the evenings when everything is dark already you can see your breath form clouds in the air. 

I love this time of year. I am a huge fan of fall. For me it always resembles a new beginning. In fall I start planning, making goals, starting all over again. This year I even got a new haircut - really short in my terms.  For me it was always like that. Maybe it is something that stuck with me from school – the beginning of a new school year? It stayed with me anyways and as a student October is still the beginning of a new period.  And because I am a teacher-to-be I think it will always stay this way.

So, back to my original post – I love changing seasons. I love each season the same; at least when they are not extremely long or extreme in any other ways. During winter Vienna tends to be stuck under a cover of high fog with no sun for weeks. This is really depressing and I would really love it if this won’t happen this winter (did you hear me universe?!?). Right now leaves are changing colors, the warm winter coats and pullover are dug out of the closet, I can wear my beloved scarves again and write my blog posts with a pot of tea and a burning candle next to me (something I strongly connect with winter).

Are there some things or rituals you connect with fall and changing seasons? 
I would really love to hear about them. 

Oh, before I forget, there is something else which I love during the colder months of the year. But more about that some other time.

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