Sunday, October 23, 2011

... in books

I have to make a confession:

I am a HUGE fan of books!
I love to buy them, to read them, to have them!

I am certainly not the kind of girl who can lend books from the library because I need to posses a good book! I tried libraries and a failed! If a book was good and interesting I brought it back to the library and went to buy it so that I can put it on my shelf! I think in some way I tend to collect books.
And during my – from time to time – night long reading sessions I find some pretty good, nice, interesting or simply so true quotes, which I want to share with you.

The first quote is from Eleanor Brown’s book “The weird sister” which I am reading right now. My reading time is limited at the moment because university started again and I am somehow not so much in a reading mood as usually but I am taking my book everywhere with me and am hoping that next week will be better at least reading wise.

So, there is a story behind this first quote. I have two or three small groups of friends. The largest group consists of people I know from school and we meet often and regularly. I can really count on them but I am basically the only excessive reader in this little group. I have friends who read but I know them from university. But most of them love to read but tell me that during the semester the have so little time to read and they always ask me how I manage to read so much.
A good friend of mine cannot believe how anybody can read as much as I and I tend to shock him when telling him how many books some book bloggers read. Really funny!

Eleanor Brown - The weird sister
I think this quote explains pretty well how readers manage to read so much because for me reading is a hobby and I love to take time during the day to read. Some days ago my best friends tried to motivate me by telling me that I should study for two hours and then I should go and read – and I did study! Yeah! Reading is a reward for us bookaholics and we love it! Sometimes it is hard to explain the feelings I have towards books and why I read so much to others but I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses (okay, I stole this from a song, I know)!

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