Friday, August 23, 2013 pictures

Over the last weeks I unfortunately lacked in posting my Photochallenge picture posts again. Whoops! 

This week's topic was
Hyde Park in London

This week's topic was
and since I have a dog why not take the oportuity to show you some picture I took of him over the years. Felix is now 4 years old and from the first day on there was never a day when I haven't thought how much I love him and that getting him was the best decision I made in a long long time. 
Felix during his first month at our place.
The first three pictures were made on his first day with us and 
the third shows you how small he was in comparison to a slipper.

Felix from the age of one on.

He loves to play in the snow or in the water. 
Every winter when there's snow you can play with him till we're all dripping wet and cold.

This week's topic was
This is a picture of my bookshelf.
On every shelf there are two rows of books. Some eve stacked on top of each other just to fit all my books on there and, believe it or not, there are even some books on top of my closet (you can see the first three on the upper left corner), some on my bedside table and I also have one shelf full of classics in English. 
Yes, I am a book hoarder! 

This week's topic was
 I have a HUGE bag buying problem in addition to my book buying problem. 
Here are all my black bags I own - 26 in total and those are -by far - not all the bags I call my own. 

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  1. Great images. Like you, I have a bag buying problem in addition to a book buying problem!