Friday, August 2, 2013 books

April from Good Books and Good Wine created a wonderful 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Check it out and if you'll participate link your post to April's original post.

Day 1: Make 15 book-related confessions
  1. I am a sucker for beautiful covers.
  2. I haven't finished JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. I read the first four books and about half of the fifth before I stopped reading.
  3. I have a HUGE amount of unread books on my shelves and on my Kindle too. We're talking hundreds here.
  4. Whenever I go into a bookstore in Austria I storm to the English shelves and look if there are any new books there. 
  5. On public transport I judge people by what they read - always!
  6. I have huge problems not finishing a book. I am just able to do that when I really really hate a book. 
  7. I have extreme book envy. Living in Austria means not having too many chances of finding new releases in the bookstores. So every time I watch some boook tubers videos and they are talking about the awesome new books they found I turn into a small green-eyed monster, head over to Amazon or Book Depo and fill my basket with all the books I can find. Usually I delete my basket again afterwards becasue otherwise I could not afford food and as I heard there is still no way to live solemly on words you read. Bummer!
  8. All my friends cannot understand how I am able to read as much as I do. 
  9. One of my friends is so fascinated by my ability to devour more than one book per week that whenever we go anywhere by car I have to explain how I do it. Maybe I should say that he reads probably one book per year if forced to read it.
  10. It doesn't matter to me if my series do not match. 
  11. I always have a book on me. I learned it the hard way when I once, pre smartphone times, waited for my friends for over 30 minutes. I will never leave the house without a book. 
  12. I talk to my books while reading them (onyl when I am alone though). 
  13. Whenever I go book shopping in London (which is once a year) a run through the store, grab all the books I want to have, take them to the cook book section, sit down on the ground and sort through them. Why the cook book section you ask?
  14. Cook books are my weakness. I love being surrounded by them, flicking through them and I usually have force myself not to buy all of them.
  15. I can be found stroking books in bookstores.

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  1. 2: AAAAH! KARIN!! You HAVE TO FINISH the Harry Potter series! Seriously! You cannot do this to me!

    3 & 5: ME TOO!

    15: Hahahah, I love this! :D