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Day 2: What's your bedtime reading ritual

One of the most important things for me each day is the time I spend reading before turning off my light and going to sleep. As a child my amazing parents sat with me each night, sometimes for hours, and read me stories. Around the age of 6 months they started and haven't stopped for at least 10 years. Even during high school when I was sick and felt extremely bad they did never hesitate to read me a story when I asked them. Thanks guys, this still means a lot to me!

Escaping to someone else's life for a while each night is one of the most precious things each day and even after coming home from a party around 3am I still turn on my bedside lamp and read at least a page or two. 

This also means that I don't have a certain ritual. It always depends on my mood, the adventures I had during the day, etc. but after getting ready for bed I snuggle up with my Sesame Street Quilt my mum made me for my 26th birthday last year and read till I cannot keep my eyes open. Then I have to put my book away really quickly, turn off the light, close my eyes and fall asleep. Sometimes it happens that I, even after almost being asleep while reading, can't sleep right away but usually I just make up my own story and fall asleep in a few minutes. 

One thing I cannot do before going to sleep is read something thrilling. This means whenever I read a mystery novel, even if it's a cozy mystery, a vampire book or something along those lines I have to have either a romantic comedy or a cute contemporary novel to read before bed because there's nothing more horrible for me than to close my eyes and see the scenes of a murder before my inner eye. And I just cannot keep my brain from showing me these images. 

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