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April from Good Books and Good Wine created a wonderful 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge! Check it out and if you'll participate link your post to April's original post.

Day 5: Recommend a tear jerker

I don't cry easily when I am reading a book so when I am found sobbing somewhere with a book in hand it has to be a total tear jerker. 

The last book that made me cry like a baby I read two years ago while I was on vacation in Western Australia and it was Monica McInerney's Those Faraday Girls. 
This book is a family saga taking place in Australia, Ireland and New York City and I'll give you the Goodreads summery here because if I have to tell you a bit about the book I am so sure that I'll start crying again. 

From the bestselling author of Family Baggage and The Alphabet Sisters comes a warm and captivating story of family secrets, traditions and ties.

As a child, Maggie Faraday grew up in a lively, unconventional household with her young mother, four very different aunts and her eccentric grandfather. With her mother often away, her aunts took turns to look after her - until, just weeks before Maggie's sixth birthday, a shocking event changed everything.

Twenty years on, Maggie is living alone in New York City when a surprise visit from her grandfather brings a revelation and a proposition to reunite the family. As the Faradays gather in Ireland, Maggie begins to realize that the women she thought she knew so intimately all have something to hide . . .

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