Friday, July 27, 2012 books

The 2012 Olympics in London start today!

I love watching the Olympics – winter and summer! This year I will also participate in the Olympic Readathon hosted by Random House Canada. Check it out here.

The Readathon runs for the full time of the 2012 Olympics which means from today (July 27th) until August 12th. How many books can you read in 2 weeks? I hope to read 1000 pages. I have to work (English tutor) each day for the next four to five weeks and it takes me about 45 minutes each direction – plenty of time to read!

I will write a wrap-up post at the end of each week (4th and 12th of August) but I will post my page count in the sidebar so you and I can keep track of the pages I read. Leave me a link if you participate too. If you want to find me on Twitter, where I will post some updates, you can find me under the name @life_of_karin. Find all the updates, discussions and rambling about books under the hashtag  #OlympicReadathon.

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