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Author: R. Rodriguez

R. Rodriguez is the author of Grace - An Eternal Beloved Novel (check out my review here) and she agreed to doing an author interview and a giveaway of an a-copy of her novel here on My Life...

During the preparation for this interview I mentioned that this Special Guest post will go online on July the 20th and she answered that this is her birthday. 

Happy Birthday R. Rodriguez! I hope you have a fabulous day!

What inspired you to write your novel “Grace”? How did you get the idea?
After high school and during the college years, women are faced with different dilemmas that can affect the rest of their lives for better or worse. My concern for this audience sparked my ideas. I didn’t want the books to be so serious, so I combined my message with my love of paranormal romances, to create a book with a message in a paranormal romance setting. Grace is about a young woman who has always wanted to commit suicide. She almost achieves it, but is saved unexpectedly. Death has already noticed her, though and doesn’t let go. The book details her efforts at self development, her setbacks because of bad decisions, and the power, only she has, to change her destiny. The main themes are suicide and abuse. This series is not a saga or a trilogy. 

How many parts of the Eternal Beloved series are planned?
The Eternal Beloved Series is a series that will contain four books in total. Every book in this series has a female protagonist that tackles a central theme in a paranormal setting. 

How does your typical writing day look like?
I am career woman, as well as a writer so I schedule in two hours to write every day. Some people have asked me if I have a writing ritual. I don’t. I do have some preferences, though. I like writing by hand first, on a legal pad and then onto my laptop. I also listen to my iPod during the whole creative process. I can write various chapters by listening to just one song over and over again. There are certain songs that inspire me during the creation of a certain part of the story. 

Do you have a favorite authors or book?
I am an avid reader so I have many favorite books. I would say that I have favorite books for every one of my life stages so far. As a kid, it was the Ramona Quimby Series, anything by Judy Blume, and V.C Andrews.  As a teenager, my favorite books were The Catcher in the Rye and The Outsiders. As an adult, I enjoy many genres. My favorite books include Memoirs of a Geisha, Anna Karenina, The House of Spirits, The Twilight Series, and especially Paulo Coelho’s books.

Can you tell us about the next book in the Eternal Beloved series “Chastity”?
Chastity is the second book in the series. It should be out by the end of July. In Chastity, the themes of promiscuity, neglect, and the pain caused by tragic death are explored.

Do you have any tips for new authors? How do you motivate yourself? What do you have to do to self-publish?
This is a tough business. While breaking into traditional publishing is brutal, being a self published author is even harder. The best advice I can give an aspiring author is to be persistent. Giving up is not an option in this business. Fortunately, with the appearance of eReaders we have more options to become published.  Writing is my passion so that’s my motivation. It doesn’t feel like work because I extremely enjoy it. To self publish, you have to not only write a book, but take care of all the behind the scenes aspects of publishing that a publishing house would normally take care of. Some of these tasks are editing, formatting, marketing, and distributing your book.

Is there something else you want to tell my readers?
I hope to touch as many lives with my writing as I can. My target audience with my first series is young women. I hope to build a network of young women in search of empowerment.
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