Saturday, July 7, 2012

... in books

I found two amazing challenges in which I will participate!

The first one it the Big Book Summer Challenge hosted by Book by Book.
Here are the important details:
  • Anything over 400 pages qualifies as a big book.
  • The challenge will run from Memorial Day weekend (yeah, I'm running a bit late already, but it's summer!) through Labor Day weekend.
  • Choose one or two or however many big books you want as your goal.  Wait, did you get that?  You only need to read 1 book with over 400 pages this summer to participate! (though you are welcome to read more, if you want).
  • Choose from what's on your shelves already or a big book you've been meaning to read for ages or anything that catches your eye in the library - whatever peaks your interest!
  • Sign up on the links list below or on the Big Book Summer Challenge page.
  • Write a post to kick things off - you can list the exact big books you plan to read or just publish your intent to participate, but be sure to include the Big Book Summer Challenge pic above, with a link back to this blog.
  • Write a post to wrap up at the end, listing the big books you read during the summer.
  • You can write progress posts if you want to and/or reviews of the big books you've read...but you don't have to!  There will be a separate links list for big book review posts.

The second challenge I will participate in is the Stephanie Plum Challenge by Steflite. It is a German challenge but I am sure that everyone is welcome to join the fun! The challenge runs from June 2012 until May 2013 and you just have to read as many books as you like from Janet Evanovich's amazing Stephanie Plum series and write a review. If you want to participate just leave a comment.


  1. Welcome to the Big Book Summer Challenge, Karin!! I'm so glad you decided to join my challenge - do you have any particular big books in mind for this summer or do you just plan to play it by ear?

    I'm also glad to discover your blog for the first time and look forward to getting to know you better!


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  2. I'm a fellow big book challenger :) Have a great summer of reading!!