Wednesday, July 25, 2012 books

This week the postman came daily. Unfortunately he always brought something for my mum or the train tickets we ordered.

But today was different! When the doorbell rang (10 minutes ago) I was irritated because everything we waited for was here already. It was a package for me – yeah!
Ripped it open and out fell a wonderfully wrapped parcel with two books in it.  

 Thank you Monica!
Monica McInerney, the wonderful author, sent me two of her books – Upside Down Inside Out and A Taste for It (the first book I read from her) and they are both signed! My FIRST signed books! If you know Kristie from The Story Siren she often mentions that she does her happy dance and this is what I did today – my very own version of the happy dance! 

I am still smiling writing this post and I am pretty sure I won’t stop for a long long time. These books mean so much to me and I am really grateful that I “met” Monica (only via e-mail) and she is really lovely.

Thank you Monica I am really looking forward (re)reading those books! 
You made my day!

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