Monday, December 12, 2011

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As I told you in yesterday’s IMM post I have one more exam in 2011. That will be on the 19th of December. Until then I am supposed to study hard because I don’t think that it will be one of the easy ones. Come to think of it; I never had an easy exam at university. Are easy university exams an urban legend?

Anyways, I should study hard but instead I am reading, going to concerts, going out with friends, sleeping a lot and so on. Which I think can be summed up in PROCRASTINATION! I hate hate hate it! But on the other hand; I had some awesome days this past week!

I know there is still more than enough time to study and I am able to learn all I need to know in just one week but there is not that much time this week due to work, two Christmas parties and a friend of mine celebrates her university graduation on Friday. But I will manage it all – as always!

The thing I wanted to tell you was that during my study time I was surfing the internet and found a really cool youtube-channel by Aily where she talks about organization, study skills, time management, …
I am not sure if this should mean something to me?

I think her channel is so amazing that I want to share it with all of you here:

You so need to watch her videos - just awesome stuff she is telling. But maybe that's just me and my fascination with time management, planning and stuff.

One of Aily’s major study skill-tips is to shut down my internet while studying and this is exactly what I will do now. So that’s all for today folks, see you all tomorrow for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday – hopefully – and until then I can be found between books, paper, highlighters and also at work. Yeah!

This is the link to my photochallenge 2012!
Come join me!

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