Friday, December 2, 2011

... during Christmas time

22 days until Christmas Eve 
(here in Austria we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve)!

Yesterday evening I told you about the 24 first sentences that I am giving to my mother until Christmas and today she had a wonderful idea. After talking this idea through, we came to the conclusion that I will post her Adventkalender quote online each day.
So all of you can guess the book and author of the day and my mum will post the answer every evening as a comment. If you want to guess and share it with all of us it would be great if you would post a comment. From time to time the quote will be in German because it was hard enough to find 24 books with quotes that met the restrictions. But if you want and if there are enough people guessing and posting comments than I will be more than happy to try to find all English first sentences next year.

I hope you’ll enjoy this little guessing game.

Today’s first sentence is:
Your ass looks nice in that dress

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  1. Okay, yesterday didn't work so good.
    The solution is:
    Murder 101 by Maggie Barbieri