Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Things are a bit hectic here so there isn’t much happening on the blog front which I find really sad. Hopefully things will change soon (next Tuesday probably). That is why my Top Ten Tuesday post is late this week.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke And Bookish and this week’s question is:
Top Ten Books I Want To Give As Gifts
and to whom

I love to give books as gifts. Maybe this is kind of my thing. I really try hard to find books or book related gifts before looking for other stuff but unfortunately book don’t work with all my friends and family members so there are some other things on my To Buy-list for Christmas.

I know that my mum reads my blog, so I will not tell you what she will get but I can assure you there will be books (yes,  mum – plural) involved.

Same will be true for my dad but to be on the safe side (you never know if or when he reads this blog) I won’t tell you what he will get here either. If you want to know what presents my parents got, let me know and I will post them after Christmas.

Books I would love to give away that I can actually name are:

Ali McNamara’s books
From Notting Hill with Love … Actually
Breakfast at Darcy’s
to a good friend of mine who also loves to read but just has not enough time during the semester.
These would be the perfect books for her. But I am pretty sure she will like the Christmas present I got her as well.

I would also love to give
Claire LeZebnik’s 
Epic Fail
Stephanie Perkins 
Anna and the French Kiss
to my reading friends because these books are absolutely awesome and a quick read for over the holidays.

For all my teacher-to-be friends I would love to present
Gervase Phinn’s  
 School inspector series
Frank McCourt’s 
Teacher Man
because they are beautiful books about teaching and the love for working with kids and I absolutely adored these books.

If I could I would love to give
Kerstin Gier’s – Gemstone trilogy 
(Rubyred, Saphireblue and Emeraldgreen)
to all of you because they really are high up in my Top Books I Reads 2011. 

That's it for today and I am really excited to read your book presents!

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