Friday, December 30, 2011

... in pictures

This week's topic will be:
New Beginning

Just to remind you, here are the rules once more:
  • you have to post your picture by Friday evening
  • you need to link your post to mine
  • there will be 52 different topics
  • the pictures should be new ones; made in 2012
  • but everyone has 10 jokers - which means that you have 10 possibilities to use pictures that you took before 2012
  • if you use a joker you should mention that in your post
  • and last but not least and maybe the most important thing: Have Fun!
I will post the current topic in the sidebar each week. 
Please link you post with mine in time (it will end on January 5th).
I am really looking forward to your pictures!


  1. sorry I am so early, but I am new to this and used my first joker... I will be moving in the beginning of the new year and am posting this way ahead of schedule, just in case I won't have the time :)

  2. Sounds like fun! Count me in...


  3. Hab das Projekt erst heute entdeckt und möchte mitmachen.

    Mein Beirtag #1

    Lg Anett