Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Life...

I spent the beginning of May in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. I visited this city years ago and did all the major touristy things so this time I spent most of my days wandering around, enjoying life. Amsterdam is a city you should see at least once in your life. It is really special with all the canals and small houses leaning on each other for support.

My main reason to visit was to finally meet many of my lovely Dutch Book Blogger friends. Kat, Lisa, Celine, Daisy and Judith were free on Saturday and we met for a day of fun, food and lots of bookstores. Yes, it did a bit of damage to my finances but I still didn't meet my weight limit on my flight back. *high five* We had such a fun day and recommending books to people who are as passionate about reading than you are is great.

I had a really great time and I can now say that Dutch Book Blogger are really lovely and wonderful and the girls I met are all super sweet and I am really sorry that we are not living closer to each other.

Girls, whenever you come near Vienna, or Austria in general, tell me - I cannot wait to see you again.


  1. Awww, it was so lovely to finally meet you after talking about it for so long!! :D

  2. It was awesome finally meeting youuuuuuuuu! And seeing the other ladies again !

    Such a shame I had to dash off so we couldn't take more pictures :( But, YAY!