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My Pic of April
Dancing with my favorite boy

April in One Word
Weather-wise anything can happen in April but this time my life was a bit upside down too during this month. From traveling to being sick for a week to attending a beautiful wedding .... it just included everything. I had some great times this month but also some rubbish days. Overall a typical April, especially weather-wise.
5 Things that Happened in April
  1. I took a short trip to Prague (which is only about 3 hours away from Vienna) and enjoyed a nice and relaxing weekend in this beautiful city. If you want to see some pictures, click here.
  2. I got sick over the Easter holidays and felt so rubbish that I wasn't even in the mood to read. 
  3. One of my best friends got married last weekend and had such a perfect wedding. On our way there we had some heavy rain but the minute we arrived the sun came out and it was a warm and sunny day. I had a great time and cannot tell you how amazing Judith looked. 
  4. I went to Robbie Williams' "Swings Both Ways" show in Vienna on Monday night. I am a huge Robbie fan and after missing out on buying tickets for his last concert I decided to never ever again think about the ticket prices but just go because seeing him live is worth every penny. 
  5. I flew to Amsterdam (this morning) to FINALLY meet many of my favorite book bloggers. I cannot wait to tell you about my trip and share pictures and memories with you all.

 5 Songs that Were Popular on My I-Pod

  Let Me Go by Gary Barlow

Downtown by Lady Antebellum

Go Gentle by Robbie Williams

Cotton Eyed Joe by Elektroshock (a band I discovered in Prague)

We Used to Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols

Books I Read this Month

  • Robin Benway - Also Known As 
  • Laini Taylor - Daughter of Smoke and Bone
  • Janet Evanovich - Lean Mean Thirteen
  • Rick Riordan - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
  • Darynda Jones - First Grave on the Right 
  • Shannon Stacey - Yours to Keep

6 books

1934 pages

a TV series I liked this month 
Since I was sick for a week and didn't feel like speding my time reading I watched quite a bit of TV. One show I just recently discovered was Without a Trace. Don't ask me why it took me so long to finally watch it. As you may know, I watch a lot of crime and mystery series so it was just a matter of time till I stumbled upon this one. Oh, and I love Poppy Montgomery!

  3 Random Things I (Re-)Discovered/Liked this Month
  1. Dancing - I never was one of those people who went to clubs every weekend and danced till the morning. I always prefered sitting at a pub, chatting to friends - often till the morning but still. At my friend's wedding we danced all night long and it was so much fun. 
  2. Pretzel sticks - when I wasn't feeling well my mum always got me coke and pretzel sticks when I was younger and this time she got some too. It instantly made me feel better. 
  3. I knew for a long long time that I wanted to start a book club and when I did in Feburary it felt great but in April I discovered just how awesome talking to my two book BFFs Kat and Jana can be. Having those two around makes my life better!

Things I'm Looking Forward to in May
  • My trip to Amsterdam and finally meeting my book BFF Kat. 
  • I have a really difficult exam in May and I've been delaying taking it for some time now but I'm really looking forward to the feeling when I'm handing it in.
  • Warm and sunny days! We had quite a bit of rain in April. 
  • Our next book club meeting!

Felix in April
Felix spent a lot of time sleeping under my desk which rarely happens.

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