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Czech Republic

Prague is only a four hour bus or train journey away from Vienna and so I hopped on a bus at the beginning of April and explored the city for some days.

Basilica of St. Vitus on the Prague Castle
The city is a strange but beautiful mixture of old and new, dark and light - you see old renovated houses next to shopping arcades and a lot of well known sights are built in dark stone. It is a city of contrast and it works really well.

The river Vltava runs through the city and seperates the old historic center but also is where one of the best known sights - Charles Bridge - is.

River Vltava
on Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge is lined with stautes of saints

On the other side of Charles Bridge is the Prague Castle with the Basilica of St. Vitus, which you can see on the first photo, and the famous Golden Lane where the alchemists lived in the past.
view from Prague Castle
Golden Lane
Old Town is also incredible to wander through. When you're at Old Town Square you can see the Tower of City Hall with the famous Astronomical Clock and Church of Our Lady before Týn. When I was there, the Easter market on Old Town Square had just opened and added a lovely splash of color to the square.

I can highly recommend visiting Prague. It is a beautiful city with a special feel to it and lots of little lanes and cute stores. The food is really good too and if you need to convince the guy in your life to take this trip with you - the beer is not only amazing but cheap too ;)

I will definitely visit again!

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