Monday, April 21, 2014

I never intended to dissapear from the face of the earth :)

When I came back from Prague at the 6th of April I decided to take two or three days off from blogging to get my life back on track - organize my work stuff, blogging schedule, write and schedule some posts, prepare the photos I took in Prague to share with you, write all the reviews in my "Reviews to write" file, figure out a plan for when to take all the exams I need to take and decide on a study plan, etc.

You see, I had a lot of things on my major to do list and since there's one of my best friend's wedding next weekend I needed to find something to wear too.

Forward to today:
The week after I returned from Prague, work got crazy! I am tutoring students in English and suddenly they all discovered that they have exams coming and are not as good in English as students who pass their exams without any troubles, so they are coming to me for helps aka some magic :)
So this week flew by without me even noticing but at the 12th my Easter Break started and I was looking forward to some down time, reading time, blogging time but the mean mean flu hit me hard. So hard that I didn't even feel like reading.....

But finally I am feeling better and am still having a week off from university so I'm hoping to get everything back on track before I will head off the Amsterdam at the beginning of May.

To make this long story short:
I am still here, I am finally not sick anymore and I will take up blogging regularly again this week. There is still a photo post to my Prague trip to come, some reviews and other posts are also in the making....

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