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Trouble at the Little Village School
by Gervase Phinn

Trouble at the Little Village School is the second book in the Barton in the Dale series.
I recommend reading The Little Village School first otherwise you will spoil yourself!

First sentence:
“So, what do you reckon then?” asked the caretaker as he leaned idly against the doorframe, jangling the bunch of heavy keys in his overall pocket.

Elisabeth Devine certainly rocked the boat when she arrived in Barton-in-the-Dale to take over as head teacher of the little primary school. Now it's a new term, and after winning over the wary locals, she can finally settle in to her role. Or so she thinks...

For the school is hit by a brand-new bombshell: it's to be merged with its arch rival, and Elisabeth has to fight for the headship with Urebank's ruthless and calculating headmaster. She has her work cut out for her.

But add in some gossip and a helping of scandal, not to mention various newcomers bringing good things and bad to Barton, and that's not the only trouble that's brewing in the village.

source: Goodreads

My opinion:
After settling in and overcoming a lot of resistance against her new teaching methods Elisabeth was really looking forward to a quiet term at the little village school. Unfortunately this was not the case. Once again the lives of the people in Barton in the Dale were turned upside down and obstacles got thrown in the way but with the help of friends and colleagues everything can be solved, right?

Trouble at the Little Village School is the second book in the series and starts where the last one ended. Elisabeth is a lovely character and a wonderful new head teacher and after saving the school from being closed she now tries to start fresh and to get on with her life.

Unfortunately this isn’t as easy as she thought because once again there is trouble on its way – Barton in the Dale should merge with Urebank and saving the school is once again the major focus point for the teaching staff in Barton.

The lives of the other people in town are not drama free as well. People get uprooted, careers are changed and new people come to town. Change is inevitable but will it be a change for the better?

Gervase Phinn’s writing is quiet and peaceful but still not the least bit boring. His stories are gripping and entertaining, his characters are lovely and filled with life and his writing comes to life before your eyes.

The Barton in the Dale series portrays a little village in England with its community, neighbourly help and gossip – a wonderful portrait of small town life.

The Books in the Barton in the Dale series are:
·      The Little Village School (read my review here)
·      Trouble at the Little Village School

For more information about Gervase Phinn visit his Homepage.

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