Friday, May 30, 2014 books
Booktube Love 
Part Four

I love watching Booktubers on YouTube and today I want to tell you a bit about my favorite ones. I am subscribed to a lot of Booktubers and I why love watching their videos and get inspiration from them. Since I want to share all my favorite Booktubers with you I will make this a recurring feature here on the blog so that I can not only share the links to their channel with you but also tell you a bit about them.

Priscilla is the booktuber behind the well-known channel The Readables. Her videos are so well made and the topics she adresses are really versatile - ranging from traditional book hauls, to reviews, Top Five Wednesday videos to discussions. She is a huge fan of manga and graphic novels and a lovely person to chat with on Twitter.

Ariel Bissett is a lovely Canadian booktuber and her enthusiasm is contagious. Her videos make you feel better instantly and her discussions are always really interesting and thought-provoking. She is not afraid to discuss things like Sex in YA-literature and that makes her stand out a bit in the booktube community. You can also find hauls, tags and many other fun videos on her channel and if you want to talk to her on Twitter you can add her here.

Charley from Charley Reads is another one of my all-time favorite booktubers. She is British and that alone makes me love listening to her but her videos are also really lovely and well made. She acts so naturally in front of the camera and her reviews are always honest and spot-on. Charley also does hauls, tags, monthyl wrap-ups and much more. Whenever a new video of her pops up in my subscription feed I need to watch it asap. I even arrived late for work once because I needed to finish one ofher videos. You can also find her on Twitter.

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