Saturday, March 24, 2012

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Hey guys, I found a new weekly meme at The Weekly Enthusiast. She does a Fantastic Five Friday which was inspired by our beloved Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and Bookish.

The Weekly Enthusiast’s blog is about all kind of series and TV shows and her meme questions are TV show related.

This week she wants to know my
Five TV Relationships that I Will Go Down With

I am a huge fan of TV series. Always have been and hopefully always will be. So this meme gave me plenty of relationships to choose from.

First there definitely are Luke and Lorelai. I can’t understand those people who favour Christopher. Luke is the guy for her. He is so sweet and you can see this adoration he has for her right from the beginning. I kind of got angry with the writers when they introduced April – how lame is that. Finally Luke and Lorelai are together and then there must be some kind of twist to bring them apart. Come on! But I so want to believe that they are now happily married with adorable kids and a huge weekly coffee stock.

Next I have to name Castle and Beckett or better Rick and Kate. How cool is that; their names have the same number of letters. I love this series and I am so longing for these two to start a relationship. Here in Austria the fourth season just started so I just got introduced to the new captain but what’s way more important is that I want to know how this story continues. Will they ever be together?

When I was a teen I was a huge fan of Full House. After I saw almost each episode twice or three times I kind of forgot about it but two years ago I discovered it on DVD. I bought the first season and after watching it begged my dad to bring them back from the States.
I always loved Jesse and Becky! They were the perfect couple – and still are!

Another series I watched when I was a teen was Saved by the Bell. Does anyone still know it? It was this crazy story about six high school friends and I always wanted Zack and Kelly to become a couple. This series follows them through high school and college and in the end there is this great big wedding and I cried and cried and cried.

One TV relationship I always loved isn’t a relationship in a couple kind of way. I am talking about Will Truman and Grace Adler. He is a gay lawyer and she is a kind of insane and insecure interior designer. These two have a friendship that can be classified as a relationship and it is the ultimate friendship two characters can have. I always hoped to find someone with whom I can share as much as Grace can share with Will. Still looking….any volunteers?

These are my five TV relationships that I will go down with. Try it yourself it is fun…thinking about TV shows you are watching or have been watching, figuring out what a perfect relationship is for you and bringing or trying to bring the epicness (is it a word?) of it into words. Trip down memory lane!

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  1. Lovely reading. I love tv series. I love old series like Saved by the Bell;)