Friday, March 23, 2012

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what a wonderful topic for this week’s Photochallenge!

As many of you know, I live in Vienna – the capital of Austria. Definitely urban! So this topic was quite easy for me.  I just took my camera with me and started wandering the city. Spring arrived in Vienna this week and I took a lot of pictures of blooming flowers (which you can see here) and it took me some time to find a motive I thought expresses what I see as urban.

In the end I had six pictures I really liked so I did a collage and will be posting six photos instead of one. 

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What I want to do now is tell you why these pictures express “urban” for me.
  • at the center of the collage is a photo of a typical playground for kids in the city center. I think it looks kind of depressing and as you can see in the background it is right next to a street (two streets actually).
  • the one above the playground is typically urban. It was taken at “the ring”, a street that goes around the first district, Vienna’s city center. The first district is now only a small part of Vienna but originally it was Vienna and the ring is now where the city wall had been. Today it is a busy street as you can see – lots of car, bikes and trams.
  • below the playground and in the upper left corner you can see people enjoying the sun. Vienna has lots of parks where you can go. Some of them even have nicer playgrounds. You can also enjoy the weather at the Donaukanal (upper left corner).
  • at the bottom left corner you see two tourists taking photos before city hall. I passed them on my way to university the other day I the first thought that came to my mind was that there must exists thousands of these touristy pictures taken before a sight so this pictures is nothing typical Viennese but something typical for any bigger city in the world.
  • and last but not least you can see one little lonesome yellow flower in the middle of the city. Which I think brings a bit of outskirts feeling to the city!
The challenge for next week will be to take pictures to the following topic:
Water / Wasser

I am really looking forward to your pictures and please link you post to mine in time.
Submission period is between the 23rd and the 31st of March.
(11:59 pm CET)

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  1. In Wien ist das Wetter also genauso toll, wie bei uns... ;)