Friday, March 2, 2012

... in pictures

This week the topic of the Photochallenge was taste and the first thing that came to my mind was food. After thinking about it for a bit longer I found compounds like bad taste, tasteless, etc. but I chose food as my topic for this week.

Two weeks ago the first really beautiful strawberries arrived in shops and I bought some this week to taste them. I love strawberries! They are the best fruit of all time! I am not a huge fan of fruit but berries and peaches I love!

So this is my week’s picture:

strawberries with caster sugar - the real way of eating them :)

This week Felix picked the topic and he picked
blue / blau
as next week’s topic

Here is a picture of him choosing a topic:

Please link you post with mine in time.
Submission period is between the 2nd and the 10th of March.
(11:59 pm CET).

I am really looking forward to your pictures.

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  1. Der Aufsichtsbeamte hat sich vor dieser Ziehung vom ordnungsgemäßen Zustand des Ziehungsgerätes... ;)

    Erdbeeren gehen für mich eigentlich immer. Aber ich bin dazu übergegangen, sie nur in der Saison zu kaufen. Da schmecken sie einfach am besten.