Saturday, March 10, 2012

... in pictures

This week's Photochallenge topic was blue and as some of you already know I am a huge fan of taking pictures of the sky and the ocean. Unfortunately the nearest ocean to Austria is in Italy or Croatia and as happy I would have been to go there just to take my weekly picture it was too far away.

That is why I settled for a picture of the night's sky. 

at 5 p.m.
shortly after 6 p.m.
These pics were taken on the same day from the same spot and I am so glad that there is light until 6 p.m. because as much as I love the night I need sunshine and light to feel happy and to appreciate the night. 

Alternatively I had another picture for this week's challenge. 

A good friend of mine got a baby boy last Sunday and I was visiting her in hospital on Thursday and due to the fact that a baby boy is associated with the color blue I thought that I could use this picture as well. 

Welcome little bundle of joy!

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