Friday, March 16, 2012

... in pictures

This post contains some random rambling about my week, photographs, my Twitter debut and the topic for next week’s photochallenge!

I know, it’s been a while and I am really sorry! I missed blogging but I had no time this week. Life is a bit crazy here with university and work because all the kids I am tutoring are having tests right now. So they all needed one or more extra tutoring hours and I had to skip some lectures in the second week of the semester. 

Here is a short recap of my week so far:
This week spring finally hit Vienna! It was warmer all through the week but today is the first day the sun shone from the morning on. So happy!
On Monday I had a day off – yeah! – and went shopping with my mum. Sometimes I just need some mother-daughter time.
Tuesday through Thursday where spent going to university, to work and back to university again. I basically spent those days on public transport. I am just waiting for the moment when the tram driver recognizes me.
Today is not so hectic. I finally registered for Twitter! You can follow me there – put the link in the sidebar. Just click on the little Twitter bird image.
I need to work today as well but afterwards I pick up a good friend from work and we go to a fab Italian restaurant for dinner and then stop by a friend’s birthday party. Really looking forward to it! 

my Amazon order
books I need to read for my lecture
Today my Amazon order finally arrived and now I have all the books I need for my children’s and YA literature lecture at home (for more information which books I need to read click here). Unfortunately there are none of the YA books on the reading list that I read so far but some really good (must-read) novels. I will keep you posted how I like them.

Felix cuddling with his rabbit
nose up close :)

I am also planning a regular feature (probably monthly) on the blog but it needs a little more preparation time – so keep looking for that!

Finally I want to share the next topic for the 2012 Photochallenge with you.

It will be
urban / Stadt

I am really looking forward to your pictures!

Same as always; please link you post with mine on time.
(16th to 24th of March [11:59 CET])

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