Friday, February 25, 2011

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Day 11
A book that disappointed you
A book that really disappointed me was Alexander McCall Smith’s “44 Scotland Street”. Maybe my expectance was too high but I found it uninteresting and boring and I quit reading it after five or six chapters, which is so untypical for me.

I cannot really pin down why I didn’t like this book. Normally I try to read a book which seems not perfect the first time a second time just to be sure. Sometimes I start books which seem perfect and it is just not the right time to read them. The book(s) I am reading tell a lot about my emotions and my overall mood at the moment. So it happens from time to time that the books I start don’t fit my momentary mood and I put it away read another one and return to the not finished book sometime later. But with “44 Scotland Street” it was different. I never touched it again and I am still, after four years, not in the mood to give it a second try.

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