Sunday, May 3, 2015

I'm experiencing what studying really is like and I don't like it

This is what I probably look like most days at the moment. Yes, I am in full on studying mode, which means cramming lots of semi-interesting stuff into my brain while hoping it will stay in there just for the next three weeks. I have a really important and difficult exam coming up and I am currently struggling a bit with my study, work, blogging and life balance but as soon as I am finished with my revision (which will hopefully be tomorrow evening), I hope I'll find a bit of time to invest into blogging and seeing my adorable godson and his mum because I miss them terribly.

I was never really good at studying or rather at starting early enough and this time I think I nailed it. I had two exams at the end of April and aced both (which felt sooooo good) and I think I am finally getting the hang out of things and realized how to organize my priorities. No, I still don't like it but it's my job at the moment and I have to, so I'm gonna!

I really just wanted to rant a bit and get a tiny little break between studying sessions. All in all I hope, I'll get back into full or at least semi-full blogging swing soon and until than please keep your fingers crossed for me because I don't want to end like this:

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