Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two versions of the same movie . . .

Movie Review:
LOL (Laughing Out Loud)
starring Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus


For all those of you who are thinking if I didn't already write a review about this movie, I have to say "You are kind of right". I posted a movie review of the 2008 original French version of this movie last week. 

In 2008 Lisa Azuelos produced a French movie called LOL and in 2012 she took the same script and produced LOL again for the English speaking or international market. The fun thing is that after watching both movie, I have to say that even though the script is the same, I found some differences in the two versions. 

The dialogs between the characters were exactly the same and the actions too, which felt a bit surreal. I know that Lisa Azuelos wasn't releasing two pretty identical movies, hoping people would watch them a week apart but I did and found it weird that other actors had the exact same lines in two - let's call them different - movies.  

What really amazed me was that the French version is only a minute longer than the US version but felt a lot slower. I was under the impression that the 2008 movie was at least 30 minutes longer and was really flabbergasted when I found out that it wasn't. The 2012 movie felt a lot faster paced, lighter and fluffy. I still cannot pinpoint why exactly which is bothering me quite a bit.  

Demi Moore and Sophie Marceau who are both playing the mother in the movies are really good actresses and I only preferred Sophie Marceau because I liked the French version better. I was super hesitant if I would like Miley Cyrus as Lola because to be honest, I don't like her as a singer but I never saw her act before. She was suprisingly good.  

All in all the actors in the 2012 movie version looked a lot like the ones in the 2008 film, especially the girls. The guys had the same vibe as the French actors but didn't look too much like their French counterparts which I personally enjoyed since the only guys I found good looking in the French version were Lola's dad and the police officer (who was hot in the US version too). The teenage boys were a lot more attractive in the international movie.  

What still baffles me is that I enjoyed the French version more but that I cannot really tell you why. I found that the struggles of Lola growing up and her mum letting go were more real and the betrayal of Anne felt a lot more severe.  

In the end I can highly recommend both versions of LOL (Laughing Out Loud). 

Here's the movie trailer of the 2012 movie:

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