Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A little update for you all

This week I went from this
to this

Yes, school started again and I'm currently working quite a bit too due to the first tests coming up in school and my students starting to realize that they need some extra help with their English. Even though I've had this transition from summer vacation to school each year since I was 7, it surprises me still.

I am also preparing my third blogoversary which I'll be celebrating on the blog for the whole of next week with some wonderful guestposts by my bestest bloggging friends and also with a little giveaway. So mark your calenders and come back Monday for the first day of my blogoversary bash.

I'm also catching up on my still unwritten reviews and blog posts so that I have a small selection of posts in case there's something urgent I need to do for university or work.

So as you can see, I am pretty busy this week but with a bit of determination (which I think I don't possess but let's find out) and some chocolate, things will be back to normal soon. I just need a bit of time to adjust.

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