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My Pic of August

August in One Word
A lot of things happened in August and I had a great time. Unfortunately it was a really cold and wet month. It rained a lot and was way cooler than usually and it also marks the end of summer holidays for high school students. I still have September off but I need to prepare for next semester and study for some exams I want to take.
7 Things that Happened in August

  • I went to London for a week with my mum. It's an annual tradition and we had a really great time but it felt like such a short trip. I could have stayed there so much longer.
  • While I was in London I met the lovely Vicky from Books, Biscuits and Tea and we spent a wonderful Saturday together at Waterstone's, talking books, hunting down a good pub and had some delicious Fish&Chips. I really had a great day and hope to see her again really soon. 
  • I also met two amazing authors while in London. Amy Plum and C.J. Daugherty did a little coffeeshop meet & greet. These two are so lovely. We had a great time and laughed a lot and both of them recognized me from Twitter conversations we had (I think that kind of made my day). 
  • I had to work just a little bit this month which on the one side was great because I had a lot of free time but it also meant that I didn't earn a lot of money through tutoring. It also meant that I fell in a bit of a slump - reading-, blogging-, life-wise. I felt not motivated at all and spent a lot of time in front of the TV. I am really not good when I don't have structured days and too much free time. For a short amount of time I love it but after a week I start feeling drained. I hope it'll get better now that September's around the corner and my days need to become more structured again. 
  • I reached my Goodreads Challenge goal! I wanted to read 60 books this year and I achieved this at the end of August. I am really proud of myself, especially since I had the feeling that I wasn't reading as much this year as I did in 2013. 
  • Good friends of mine married in April and me and a friend presented them with an evening cruise and a voucher to babysit for their 2 1/2 year old son. They finally went on their trip at the end of August and we had a nice evening with their son until the point where we decided it would be time to stop chasing around the flat with the bobby car and get to bed. Boy, was he mad at us but after some tears (his) and some chocolate (us) he fell asleep on a bench at the kitchen table. His parents loved the cruise and we loved the time we spent with their baby and that was the most important thing for all of us. 
  • It was also my dad's birthday which we celebrated with the whole family and had a fun day talking and laughing. 

Books I Read this Month

  • Richelle Mead - Shadow Kiss
  • Ally Carter - Perfect Scoundrels 
  • Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham - Veronica Mars: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line 
  • Cleo Coyle - On What Grounds 
  • Noelle August - Boomerang
  • Rachel Gibson - Crazy on You
  • Rachel Gibson - Rescue Me 

7 books
2153 pages 
Rachel Gibson's Crazy on You was the 60th book I read this year, which means that I officially finished my Goodreads Challenge in August!

a TV series I liked this Month
At the beginning of July I discovered that Poppy Montgomery, whom I know from the TV-series Unforgettable, also starred in Without a Trace so I started watching it in August and I really like it so far. 

 Things I'm Looking Forward to in September

  • Getting a bit more structure back in my days.
  • Finding more motivation to blog again. I really wanted to write some posts but I just couldn't find enough energy to do it during August.
  • Some more warm days and some early fall days. 
  • Going on long afternoon walks with Felix. 
  • Enjoying the last days of summer vacation before university starts again. 
  • Finally finding time again to have a long chat with my beloved Kat. It's been too long since we last had a really long talk and I miss her.

Felix in August
Since my parents were away at the end of August, Felix got really cuddly and followed me everywhere. I'm pretty sure he was a bit scared that the last person of his pack might get lost too.

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