Tuesday, September 9, 2014

...in books

While I was in London in August I was really lucky. Not only did I spent some days in one of the best cities in the world (my humble opinion) but two really amazing YA authors decided to meet at the Greenberry Cafe (which is a cute little cafe, if you are in the neighbourhood) and invited all of us too.

Usually these events take place either the day before I arrive or leave a foreign city but this time I was able to go. I had to leave for the airport immediately after meeting Amy Plum and CJ Daugherty but I had such a great time.

I just recently read the first book in CJ Daugherty's Night School series and I need the other ones in my life right now! A review will follow soon. So I decided to buy the second book while in London to get it signed by her.

I couldn't find Amy Plum's After the End anywhere in London, and believe me I looked in so many bookstores, so I bought her first book Die for Me again and this edition now matches my others. Since I had to think of weight-limits, I was not able to take books from home with me to get them signed which is really sad but I now am the proud owner of two signed books and memories of a lovely afternoon with two amazing authors.

When I arrived at Greenberry Cafe Amy Plum looked at me and told me that she was sure that we know each other. What a moment! We talked quite a lot on Twitter and both authors favored this tweet:

But still, I was really excited that she knew my face and the way my name is written :)

Amy and CJ are both amazing people and so easy to talk to. We had a great time and both told stories of how they started writing and gave great tips on how to become a writer.

I really wished I had had more time but in the end there was a plane to catch so I said good-bye and forgot to take a photo - of course! So here is a link to CJ's Facebook post about the event with some pictures.

I had a great time and memories I will treasure forever!

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  1. Ahh, how lovely! And how awesome that Amy Plum recognised you :D