Friday, February 28, 2014

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Monthly Rewind 

My Pic of February

February in One Word
During February I finally got my stuff together and managed to organize my life - university, work and private life. So glad I finally have a planner that has every appointment and deadline in it and my trustworthy notebook. My next semester will be so super organized - at least I hope so.

3 Things that Happened in February
  • My birthday was on February first and I had an amazing day. I spent my day with my family and saw all of my friends this evening and just had the best time. 
  • I spent two wonderful mornings with my favorite little boy and had a great time at the playground. He's almost two now and such a great character. Spending time with him always makes me see the little things in life that still excite him. 
  • I had some time off from university due to semester break and so I had time to organize my next semester and plan the exams I will take during summer semester. Organizing always makes me happy!

An Album that Was Popular on My i-Pod
Annett Louisan, a German Chansion singer I love, produced a new CD which I got from my parents for my birthday. She is a really good singer, with an amazing voice and witty texts. I know that it will probably not interest you English speaking people but if any German speakers are reading this, go check out her album - I highly recommend it.

Book I Read this Month
  • Shannon Stacey - Undeniably Yours
  • Michelle Madow - The Secret Diamond Sisters
  • Rae Carson - The Girl of Fire and Thorns
  • Niki Glattauer - Leider hat Lukas... (German book)
  • Spencer Quinn - Dog on It
  • Rachel Gibson - Daisy's Back in Town
  • Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg - Pros and Cons 
7 books
2100 pages

a TV series I liked this month
I binge watched the first season of 2 Broke Girls in February. I saw an episode from time to time on German TV but never watched the whole season. Last year when I was in London I bought the DVD set and finally had enough time to watch it. Loved it! 
Things I'm Looking Forward to in March
  • Going for a coffee with a friend getting to know all the dirt from their trip to the American South. 
  • Starting my new English Literature class about Jane Austen. 
  • Celebrating the birthdays of me, two of my cousins and my little cousin's girlfriend at the beginning of March with my extended family.
  • Booking my trip to Amsterdam - finally! :)

Felix in February
 My dog Felix sleeps in some really weird positions. One of his favorite is with his head under the radiator and his back and behind against a wall. During the Holiday season our Christmas tree was standing in this corner and he was really annoyed that one of his favorite spots was taken over by a stupid tree. 

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