Friday, February 21, 2014

My Life...

These little things ...

I am a positive person. Ask anyone – friends, family – but 2013 was really hard year for me and I felt my optimistic look on the world fade and got more grumpy each day. Some days I felt like I was looking at myself seeing this pessimistic, grumpy and sad person while knowing that this was not me. I was always one of the girls to have fun with, never (hardly ever) afraid of trying things, positive and optimistic.

At the beginning of this year my old self came back and I cannot tell you how amazing it feels. I felt more energized and happy, enjoyed my life again and started sticking to plans I made. Sure, as everyone, I still have days that are not as great as others but overall I feel optimistic and happy again and sometimes there are days like yesterday when everything is just perfect:

A good friend of mine has an almost two year old – times really does fly – baby boy who I'm in love with. Being part of his life and seeing his eyes light up every time we meet just feels amazing. We regularly spend time together either with his mum or just him and me – a date, a play date :)

"Can you hear the airplane too?"
His mum is currently in the US South with a group of students for an excursion (yes, we have to do that to get our degree) so I offered to take the little guy for a day or two to give his dad time to relax or get some work done. The first time we spent the time discovering my apartment, terrorizing my dog (not really) and playing at the playground in my apartment complex. Yesterday we met near my university and went to the playground we spent some time in during last spring. He now finally started talking and it's just great to see the world through his eyes. So many things amaze him – dogs, airplanes, trams, cars.
These water fountains are so interesting.

That's what trust feels like!
Yes, while babysitting your bag can be a bird nest or storage unit for food.
After bringing him back to his dad I took my dog for a walk in the woods on this beautiful warm spring like day and enjoyed the sunshine. After the winter I cannot wait to get out into the fresh air and feel the warm rays of sun on my skin again. 

While Felix and I were playing – he loves chasing sticks and roll around in the grass – my phone rang and one of my best and oldest friends called. He never calls me! After knowing him for 18 years, I accept that he rarely calls me and that he sometimes needs a day or two to reply to a text message but today he called just to ask me how I was. We were at the David Garrett concert together last year and one of his songs popped up in his playlist and he thought of me and called me. These little things just light up my day.

I also have the best bookish friends as you can see in the following tweets. I am so glad to know Kat and Jana and it bugs me that we are not all living in the same country or at least the same continent (Jana, move to Europe, please!) because I would love to regularly spend time with these two. 

I just felt the need to share these little episodes of my day with you to remind you that these little things can truly make your day and the next post will be book related again and not as sappy – I promise!


  1. What a nice post. Just reading it made me smile. Glad that you are your old self again.

  2. SChön, dass es dir wieder gut geht, liebe Karin

  3. 2013 was tough! Glad you are feeling so much better about 2014 - it is going to be awesome! xx

  4. Thanks again for taking care of Jan! He is in very good hands when he is with you :) The pictures are very cute!
    Looking forward to see you soon!